Monday, November 01, 2004

Here's the scoop from LGF:

JihadTV has posted a full transcript of bin Ladin’s speech, and it’s quite an eye-opener to read the whole thing.
When it’s all read in context, you can see that although Bin Laden does acknowledge Al Qaeda has been damaged, he’s not nearly as conciliatory as the edited five-minute version made it seem. Some people have commented that it seemed suspicious he didn’t mention Iraq—well, in the full version he does, at some length. He rants about Halliburton, gloats about 9/11’s effects on the US economy, and reminisces about his interviews with TIME Magazine, Peter Arnett, and Robert “Love Me, Osama” Fisk—and threatens attacks unless the US elects John Kerry, explicitly saying that US states voting against Bush will be protected.


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