Monday, March 07, 2005

Freedom’s Winds of Change

1) Huge Lebanese protests – Anti-Syria (and many Arab nations warn Syria)
2) Moroccan protests – Anti-Algeria
3) Kuwaiti women demonstrate for suffrage.
4) Afghan attacks decrease markedly.
5) Protests in Kyrgyztan (where?) and emergency parliament session there.
6) Azerbaijanis protest murdered anti-government journalist

Hey, G.W. called it, didn’t he?
Thanks for standing your ground, Mr. President, and following through with what you (and I) believe is right.

Enjoy the show! I know I will.

Update: Tuesday Mar. 8

7) Protests in Iran - for women's rights.
8) Kyrgystan's protests now spreading throughout the country. More information here.
9) Thousands of women protesting in Pakistan.

Feel the Fever? The Indepentent has!


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