Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tragic Slaughter of Peaceful Demonstrators in Uzbekistan

Proponents of Democracy and freedom were peacefully protesting outside goverment buildings on May 13th in Andijan, Uzbekistan. The governemt ruthlessly suppressed the demonstrations by shooting into the crowds. They killed over 500 men, women, and children. According to Gateway Pundit, there has not been such a murderous suppression of a peaceful demonstration since Tianmen Square in 1989. Read Gateway Pundit's post for more information as well as disturbing eyewitness testimony.

The Winds of Change are blowing. But they can be very painful.

Update: Karinov, the PM of Usbekistan is an 'ally' of the US in the war for terror. He is a ruthless dictator and should be thrown out on his petunia. Come on Condi! Let 'im have it! Dress him down for killing his own people. *sigh*


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