Friday, July 22, 2005

Wear Orange

Today I am wearing a bright orange shirt. My blog is also sporting an orange ribbon. We are showing solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Israel who are being threatened to be kicked out of their homes and cities that they built up with their blood, sweat and tears for the past thirty-eight years. There are plans to blow up all of the Shuls and schools. There are plans to bulldoze all the homes. There are plans to lock the gates of their security fences and give the keys to the very murderers who the fence was built to keep out. Our brothers and sisters in Aza have been told that their sacrifice, that their daily risk to life, means and meant nothing. Thanks, but no thanks. Don't worry, they are told, we'll give you new trailers. We'll build you new homes. And in thirty-eight years the cities might reach the same level of bustling life and thriving vibrancy that has embodied the settlements of Aza.

I have not been able to find a larger picture of this scene, only this thumbnail from Arutz Sheva. This picture embodies the Am Kadosh, the Holy Nation, status of the Jews. It exemplifies that we are one nation, Am Echad, whose internal conflicts are addressed using songs, prayers, and tears, rather than hatred, violence, and war. We are truly God's chosen nation, and anyone who doubts that needs to just look at this picture. Look at the protesters and the soldiers charged with their containment praying together, separated only by government policy and higher echelon decrees, not by hatred and disdain. Understand that if it weren't for the physical fence and ethereal commands, both the protester and soldier would dance arm in arm all the way to Gush Katif and protect our holy land of Israel, together.

Update: Thanks to Donuts Mom for a large version of the picture.


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