Friday, August 05, 2005

A Thought on Air Travel

I agree with Rand Simberg:
Personally, I think that our entire airline security policy is flawed. I'd prefer knowing that my fellow passengers are armed, to ensure that there will never be another successful hijacking, and this would also result in huge productivity increases for travelers by not having our nose-hair trimmers and lighters confiscated. I do worry about bombs, though, so in a sense, Richard Reid did us a favor by being such a moron--if he'd succeeded in lighting his shoes over the Atlantic, there may not have been any evidence of how the aircraft was destroyed. Still, I think that those of us who have to undergo the inconvenience and indignity of padding through the machine in socks or barefoot, should at least have an opportunity to throw darts at a picture of him after we've gotten through the gauntlet and reshod ourselves. It could hang just below a picture of Osama.


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