Tuesday, October 10, 2006

NoKo Nuke Rapid Fire - 10/10/06

Call or bluff? (Confederate Yankee)

Fake, big dud, suitcase bomb or sales demonstration by the Iranians? (Astute Bloggers)

How big of a bang: “You would think that especially for someone with as many insecurity problems as Kim Jong Il, he would want as big a bang as his scientists could make. It isn’t like they were hiding their intentions to detonate a bomb.” (Clayton Cramer)

If it wasn’t a hoax we should perhaps act as if it’s one anyway: “If nothing else, this will annoy the North Koreans. And if the test was real, this mockery will encourage them to set off another nuke to prove us wrong, causing a waste of valuable nuclear material.” (Glenn @ Instapundit)


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