Monday, October 30, 2006

Terror of the Day - Thwarted!

Thank God.

Via LGF:
Major Terror Attack Stopped in Israel

A group of humiliated, oppressed Palestinians was caught Sunday evening, on their way to commit another mass murder in Israel: 5 terror suspects caught in Wadi Ara. (Hat tip: Joel.)

A major terror plot was thwarted after security forces spent hours conducting car-to-car searches for a bomber over scores of kilometers of highway between Caesarea and Wadi Ara on Sunday evening.

Traffic was jammed all along the major traffic artery after almost six hours of closures and searches.

The police finally reported that they had arrested five suspects, four Palestinians and one Israeli Arab, and discovered a car carrying explosives. Police safely detonated the explosives in the car. Security concerns prevented the police from releasing any further details about the plot or the suspects.

In the early afternoon, security forces received firm intelligence that a terrorist had reached the area en route to carrying out an attack. Most of the residents of Wadi Ara are Israeli Arabs, and it adjoins the Menashe region of Samaria. Its proximity to the West Bank and demographic makeup make it relatively easy for a terrorist to infiltrate and reach nearby cities.


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