Friday, November 10, 2006

UK: 1,600 known terrorists in 200 known cells.

Dear Lord. (funny how I get all religious when there seems to be no hope?).
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EVERY Briton is now a target for terrorists whatever their faith or race, MI5’s boss declared yesterday.

Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller outlined the terrifying prospect as she told how her agents are tracking 1,600 fanatics from 200 al-Qaeda cells.

In a rare briefing, the spy chief warned of a sustained campaign of indiscriminate terrorism lasting 30 YEARS.

And she said: “It aims to wear down our will to resist. All of us, whatever our ethnicity and faith, are the targets of terrorists.”

In a nightmare vision, Dame Eliza also told of the “daunting” menace facing Britain, in which:

THIRTY active terrorist plots are under investigation by the security services.

MANY more have yet to be uncovered.

SIX major attacks have been foiled in the last six years.

FANATICS are poised to use biological, radioactive or even nuclear weapons.

RECRUITMENT to terror cells of young Muslims — some still schoolkids — is exploding, with many groomed to be suicide bombers, and

MI5 is struggling to cope with a staggering 80 per cent increase in casework since January, leaving its 2,800 spooks at full stretch and potentially unable to “stop the next attack”.

Dame Eliza said: “The threat is serious, growing and will, I believe, be with us for a generation.

“Today we see the use of home-made improvised explosive devices. Tomorrow’s threat may — and I suggest WILL — include the use of chemicals, bacteriological agents, radioactive materials and even nuclear technology.”

Dame Eliza was addressing a small academic circle in East London called the Mile End Group.

She spelled out how MI5 was having to make tough choices over which suspects to track.

She said: “My officers and the police are working to contend with some 200 groupings or networks, totalling over 1,600 identified individuals who are actively engaged in plotting or facilitating terrorist acts here and overseas.

“And there will be many we don’t know, too.

Chilling ... images are reminder of July 7 disaster
It's happened already ... chilling images are reminder of July 7 disaster

“More and more people are moving from passive sympathy towards active terrorism through being radicalised or indoctrinated by friends, families, in organised training events here and overseas, by images on TV, through internet chatrooms and websites.”

She told how al-Qaeda posts videos of bombings in Iraq on the net within half an hour — and uses them to brainwash British Muslim kids.

She said: “Chillingly, we see the results — young teenagers groomed to be suicide bombers.

“We are aware of numerous plots to kill people and damage our economy. What do I mean by numerous? Five? Ten? No, nearer 30 . . . that we know of.”

Nuke alert ... Dame Eliza
Nuke alert ... Dame Eliza

Dame Eliza told how up to 200 plots of lower priority are not given blanket surveillance. Often, they are linked to terror warlords in Pakistan who guide and train British “foot soldiers”.

Dame Eliza said: “Killing oneself and others is an attractive option for some citizens.

“It is the youth who are being actively targeted, groomed, radicalised and set on a path that frighteningly quickly could end in their involvement in mass murder of their fellow UK citizens — or their early death in a suicide attack or on a foreign battlefield.”

Dame Eliza told how many of her agents were flat-out collecting intelligence “at some cost to their private lives and, in some cases, their safety”.

Making a plea for more resources, she warned the service was in danger of being overwhelmed. By contrast, she said: “Al-Qaeda has no restraints.”


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