Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Madame Speaker! The President of the United States!

I'm watching the State of the Union right now, and as Bush hasn't started speaking, I have no opinion of the speech, yet. Boy, he looks old. He must be so stressed.

Pelosi can barely conceal her excitement about banging that gavel.

Bush gives kudos to Madame Speaker, then they all rise. So many ladies in the audience are wearing red dresses! Just like Laura.

Wow. Bush gave Nancy quite a intro, and she teared up.

Bush just dives in to the war. Congratulates the Democratic majority. He sounded resigned to that fact. Let's work together, blah, blah.

Economy's great. A ton of jobs, wages rising. Pelosi was a little late clapping to that.
1) balance the federal budget. No raising taxes (Bush Sr.?). withing 5 years... balanced. hmmm... sounds like a political move.
2) cut earmarks (huh?)
3) save social security by cutting medicare and medicaid.

Bush: Save the schools!! No child left behind does not mean don't give them help. Strengthen math and science. Congress, please reauthorize the law.

[oooooh] Affordable and available healthcare. [applause, duh.]
1) standard tax deduction for health insurance (oooh, Hilary looks icy) blah blah [numbers] blah blah. Tax code [blah blah] affordable healthcare.
2) Help the states which provide coverage
Expand health savings accounts [they suck], association health plans, decrease medical errors with technology, price transparency, medical liability reform. blah blah [when's Bush gonna get to the good stuff?]heh. Kerry looked jealous.

here we go...

Double the border patrol, increase technology. take pressure off the border with the temporoary worker program. [p.s. that doesn't work]. Go after the employers [amen]. "Melting pot blah blah, resolve illegal immigrant status without amnesty. [Did Pelosi almost fall asleep? She stood up while clapping so she wouldn't fall asleep]

Environment and foreign oil.
Regimes, Terrorists, can harm us with oil. Change electricity, wind solar and [yes!] NUCULAR. Goal: reduce gasoline usage by 20% in the next ten years. Conserve fuel economy on cars [the death of US car companies]. Double the capacity of the strategic petroleum reserve. Darn missed that. wait, I need a drink of water.

Federal courts judges overwhelmed... Prompt up or down vote for new judges (some jeers from the crowd).

Protect people from terrorism. 9/11 a glimpse of what they want to do with us [amen].

"To win the war on terror, we must take the fight to the enemy."

We stopped many terror attacks (listed many examples). Debt to brave public servants [amen]. war will not end while the bad guys are out there. They have a harsh and narrow ideology [nope, not narrow]. They want America to retreat. Shia extremists. IRAN FUNDING HEZBOLLAH. Wake up, Obama. And Hilary is sneering. We must protect the American people. Our security is in the balance (p.s. Bush hasn't said the word "Iraq", yet)

Lebanon Cedar revolution. Afghanistan freedom. Iraq elections (first time "Iraq" mentioned. the war mentioned many times). Hezbollah, with support from Syria and Iran, are trying to undermine Lebanon's gov't. Iraq: sectarian rage. Not the fight we entered in Iraq, but the one we are in. Our own security is at risk. We can still win this battle. ooooh. DEMS DIDNT GET UP! All the Rep. got up.

Justifying the "Surge". Our commitment is not open-ended. Baghdad must be secure. America must not fail in Iraq. 3rd time said Shia extremists supported by Iran. Also said Suni extremists backed by Al Qaeda. Protect the American people. Dude, Dems aren't getting up!

Support our troops. Now the Dems got up.

Increase the size of the Army and Marine corp by 92,000 over the next five years. Volunteer civilian reserve corp. Missions abroad, allow civilians to serve.

UN behind Iraq. UN imposed sanctions on Iran - worls will not allow Iran to acquire Nuclear weapons.

Palestinian state living side by side with Israel in security [sure, buddy, whatever. They don't want one].

Save the people of Darfur. [EVERYone got up for that.]

Fight HIV, especially in Africa. Also fund fight against malaria.

Dikembe Mutombo. Built a hospital in homeland. proud to call him a citizen of the USA. whoa, he's tall.

Baby Einstein company. $200 million business. enterprising America. social entrepreneur.

Wesley Autrey, "The subway hero", dude he rocks. [wesley mouthed you da man]

Tommy Reiman, was shot and stayed in the fight, got the silver star. Like all other servicemen, has earned the honor and respect of his fellow countrymen.

The state of our union is strong... and our cause is right.

God Bless America.


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