Monday, February 19, 2007

And again: Israeli truck driver murdered near Ramallah

Hashem yikam damo.

Via Israel Matzav:
And again: Israeli truck driver murdered near Ramallah
An Israeli truck driver was murdered this afternoon by 'Palestinian' terrorists just northwest of Ramallah. Although the report in the Jerusalem Post says that the IDF is investigating to determine whether the killing was criminally or nationalistically motivated, it is hard to believe this is anything other than a terror attack. It's happened too many times before:
The body was found near a tow-truck with an Israeli license plate, which was left with the engine running and doors open by the roadside. The victim's throat was slashed. He was still alive when Palestinians from the area found him and notified security forces, but died by the time the troops arrived.

The man was one of two truck drivers called to the scene of the crime, a junkyard near Ramallah, and was apparently forced out of his truck and killed. The other truck driver managed to alert security forces about the incident, according to a report by Army Radio.

No identification of the victim was found on the scene.
I wonder which of the terror groups will claim responsibility credit for this one. Probably all of them, including the 'moderate' Fatah.

Welcome to Israel Condi Rice!

Update 11:20 AM (Boston time)

The murdered truck driver has now been identified as Oded Laniado, 55, of Sha'arei Tikva.


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