Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Terminatorberg

Behold, the Terminatorberg, made by Cyberdeinstein.

Orig: This photo made available by Elbit Systems, Thursday, March 8, 2007, shows the 11 kilogram (25 lb), 23 centimeter (9 inch) tall VIPeR Israeli military robot. After years of Palestinian-Israeli fighting, various kinds of robots are widely used by the Israeli army and police for inspecting suspect objects thought to be bombs, checking buildings for booby traps and sniffing out arms and explosives. (AP Photo/Elbit Systems)
This potentially lethal mini-me robot goes to show the lengths Israel will go to reduce the civilian casualties amidst an urban terrorist war. Rather than bombing the hell out of the building where a rocket came from, or blowing up the city block where there might be a terrorist headquarters, Israel instead invests billions in robot (and other) technology to more accurately pinpoint counterstrikes. And then sends in our boys on foot to implement those technologies.

Countdown to the whining news articles which makes Israel seem the bloodthirsty savages looking for innovative ways to hunt down and rip apart those poor, hapless palestinians who only want a state and to be left alone.

Speaking of cool ways to kill, this bad boy can be fitted with a mini-uzi and remotely fired. How cool is that?


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