Thursday, June 21, 2007

Digital Irony - "Who rescues the palestinians?" edition

Egypt took in 100 palestinians from Gaza, but the US had to literally twist their arms for them to do so (ok, maybe not literally, but close to it). Israel's humanitarianism is in full force as they rescue wounded children and protect the Fatah from their Muslim brothers. Via Jihad Watch:

Unfortunately, we will never hear testimony from the dozens who were brutally executed.

Later yesterday, Zecharia Alrai, 39, an officer in Fatah's elite Force 17 commando unit, arrived. He had been abducted by four Hamas gunmen a week ago. They loaded him into a jeep and drove him to an isolated spot, where they shot three bullets into his leg and dumped him.

"That's not Islam. That's evil and hypocrisy. How ironic that Israel is rescuing us from our Muslim 'brothers,'" he said.

How ironic is it that Israel is saving Muslims from Muslims, while Egypt and Jordan remain silent? How ironic that the main target of Palestinian terror is the one doing the most to help? Where are the British doctors who were so quick to condemn their Israeli counterparts?


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