Thursday, December 06, 2007

The softer side of terrorism...

It turns out that when these guys are not planning suicide bombings and mortar/rocket attacks on civilian towns, they are avid bird catchers! They appreciate God's world as much as you or me, and just want to share that beauty with their families. Is that so wrong?

Just a piece of advice to those nature aficionados - don't catch birds near the security fence.
IDF Kills Terrorists 'Bird Catcher'

( Army soldiers Thursday shot and killed one Arab terrorist and wounded a second near the Gaza separation barrier, where terrorists frequently place explosive devices in the path of IDF patrols. The family of one of the terrorists claimed the men were trying to catch birds, although the fence is widely known to be the scene of terrorist and counter-terrorist actions. The incident follows almost daily targeting of Hamas terrorists, including one aerial strike on a Hamas training base.


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