Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Huh? Gazans are now refusing the gas they wanted?

The diesel fuel that those chronic humanitarian crisis victims were whining for for their generators (even though 75% of their electricity gets delivered by Israel and was never stopped) was delivered. Well, Israel is trying to give them the fuel, but it's being refused.

Complain to the UN! The diesel fuel smells bad, so I don't want it! Waaaa! The jooos are only giving me grains and beans to eat, what about my healthy vegetables? The Zionist Entity wants my children to die from malnutrition!!

The world is flipped on its head, and the palestinians would rather their children be unhappy and sick than accept help from the jooos.

Gaza Gas Stations Refuse Israeli Diesel Deliveries

(IsraelNN.com) Gas station owners in Gaza refused to accept deliveries of diesel fuel from Israel on Tuesday despite cries of a "humanitarian crisis" due to the lack of fuel. The owners said they were refusing the diesel because it was not accompanied by gasoline for cars.

Most delivery and other trucks in Gaza, Israel and other countries run on diesel fuel. Moreover, the majority of electricity generators used by Arabs in unrecognized villages in the Negev and elsewhere in the Arab world are fueled by diesel as well.

Butane cooking gas was also pumped into Gaza through the Nahal Oz crossing Tuesday morning as well.


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