Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Nationwide Emergency Drill

Children carry a "wounded" classmate to a bomb shelter at the Frankel school in Jerusalem on Tuesday as sirens wail across the country during the largest civil defense nationwide exercise in Israel's history.
Photo: Ariel Jerozolimski

The picture above shows the disparate rearing of children in the Arab communities and the Jewish ones. The Arabs give their children suicide vests and rifles, the Jews teach their children how to sing through with raining missiles and explosions, and to hide from attempts to kill them.

May God end all war in the world and bring Mashiach quickly.

From Haaretz:
Defense Minister Ehud Barak assembled the new National Emergency Authority on Monday as part of the Home Front preparedness exercise being conducted this week throughout the country.

As part of the drill, known as Turning Point 2 (Nekudat Mifne 2), the siren sounded for a minute and a half. There was no alarm sounded for the drill in Sderot and the rest of the communities bordering Gaza.

Before the warning sirens sound, the Home Front Command inaugurated its new broadcast studio in the command's Ramle headquarters with a live TV broadcast on Channel 33 on proper emergency procedures.

As the sirens sounded, school and nursery school children were taken to the closest shelters, to spend an hour learning about emergency procedures. Government employees will also be expected to man their posts in shelters and protected rooms.

All local authorities were to undertake drills, based on different scenarios provided by the Home Front Command. In the afternoon there will be emergency exercises in Nazareth and the Northern Galilee, to practice rescuing survivors from buildings hit by missiles.


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