Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Dollar falls amid fears central banks diversifying. (Hat tip: Charles Johnsohn via Eric Cartman’s Conscience.)

It appears our friend George Soros is trying to harm the Unites States economy.

Hey George, you got lucky once with the British Pound, but have failed miserably many other times. This will be another failure of yours trying to create chaos and benefit from the aftermath.

Guys, the dollar will fall. The current situation of foreign countries propping up the dollar (purchasing dollars with their home currencies) can not be sustained in the long run. The dollar's intrinsic value is much less that current prices. But there is a finite amount of foreign investment dollars available to keep the dollar's price high. Right now, it is in the interest of Japan, China, and others to have a much stronger dollar than their own currencies (this keeps their exports cheap, and discourages foreign imports, which stimulates their economy. By the way, China's currency is pegged to the US dollar, but to keep it pegged, they need to buy lotsa $$). But in the future (near future, some believe), the costs of propping up the dollar will outweigh the benefits of a cheaper home currency. The dollar will then equalize to normal market conditions (old fashioned Supply and Demand).

The fact that the dollar will fall is known and expected. What can cause the United States some pain would be a dollar crash, where the dollar will fall to rapidly for the economy to adjust, and there may be rampant inflation (prices for goods at home will increase). That is what our friend Soros is trying to do. He is trying to create a panicked sell-off of the dollar to do harm to the United States economy.

Questions anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


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