Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"24" Blog

Oh, my. I think I have just hit blog heaven. I have found a 24 blog. For those of you who haven't left the cellar since the cold war ended, 24 is the best show on television starring Kiefer Sutherland and is about terrorists and the good guys who stop them. The catch to the show is that it is in 'real-time', meaning that one hour of TV time equals one hour of the story's time. So each season has twenty-four episodes spanning the 24 hours of a particular day (hence the title - get it? /sarcasm).

I have yet to delve into the depths of the 24 Blog, but I am excited about a forum to post my thoughts on the show. (My thoughts in a nutshell - great action and screenwriting until they try to cram some romance in for perticular market segments. They are horrible at writing romance. They are also horrible about writing in apoligetic justifications for using Muslums as terrorists. Summary: the plot is good, the action is great and Kiefer is the perfect actor for this role. Many other actors were also properly cast, both good guys and bad).


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