Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Army Recruitment is Up!

Via guest blogger Betsy Newmark at Michelle Malkin:

Ralph Peters reports on a story that hasn't got much press although if the news were the opposite, you know you'd be reading about it all over.

But my nomination for the "Greatest Story Never Told" is a quieter one: Locked in a difficult war, the U.S. Army is exceeding its re-enlistment and first-time enlistment goals. Has anybody mentioned that to you?

Remember last spring, when the Army's recruitment efforts fell short for a few months? The media's glee would have made you confuse the New York Times and Air America.

When the Army attempted to explain that enlistments are cyclical and numbers dip at certain times of the year, the media ignored it. All that mattered was the wonderful news that the Army couldn't find enough soldiers. We were warned, in oh-so-solemn tones, that our military was headed for a train wreck.

Now, as the fiscal year nears an end, the Army's numbers look great. Especially in combat units and Iraq, soldiers are re-enlisting at record levels. And you don't hear a whisper about it from the "mainstream media."

It's amazing to me that all these people would reenlist in a time of war with daily reports of casualties. Or that we would be exceeding our goals for new enlistments. Perhaps this has something to do with it.


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