Monday, August 15, 2005

Thr "Forgotten" Settlements

Among the great uproar over the withdrawal from Gaza sneaks the dispersion of four northern Shomron settlements - Ganim, Kadim, Sa-Nur, and Chomesh. The last two settlements will be evacuated at a later date, but Ganim and Kadim are closed and are being evicted immediately after Gaza.

Man, what are we doing?
IDF ready to evacuate Ganim, Kadim

The IDF distributed eviction notices to settlers in the northern Samaria settlements of Ganim and Kadim on Monday morning.

Military sources noted that only a handful of families remained in the two communities, and according to assessments only one or two would still be there after Wednesday.

The IDF imposed a closure from Sunday midnight on Homesh and Sa-Nur, the two other settlements in the area slated for evacuation.

A closure order was imposed on Ganim and Kadim last week.

There have been reports of dozens of anti-pullout activists entering Homesh and Sa-Nur in the past few weeks, giving rise to assessments of strong opposition to evacuation of those communities.

The pullout in northern Samaria had been slated to begin after the disengagement from the Gaza Strip has been completed.

The IDF apparently feels that the official pullout from Ganim and Kadim can be completed simultaneously, while leaving Homesh and Sa-Nur until later.


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