Friday, August 12, 2005

What Are We Doing? Part III

Neve Dekalim

I have absolutely no idea. But I can guarantee you, with utmost certainty, that this surrender will be bad for the Jews and bad for the State of Israel. I've had enough of the debate. I've had it with the protests. I will just post some news stories to chronicle the worst political and security move I have ever seen Israel do in my lifetime. You make your own decisions as to what you think is right and wrong, and I will be there in the not to distant future telling you grimly, I told you so.

Hamas Terrorists Training to Attack Gush Katif
In what may have been a media stunt, 1,000 masked and armed Hamas terrorists trained Friday morning to infiltrate and attack Jewish communities, according to an Associated Press report.
Hamas, now refusing to disarm after Israel’s pullout, outnumbers Palestinian security forces three to one in Gaza

Hamas leaders step up their challenge to Israel and Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas’ effort to assert control over Gaza after Israel’s withdrawal next week. Friday, Aug. 12, the head of Hamas’ Qassam Brigades, Ahmed al-Ghandour, declared they would keep their guns to continue the fight against the Jewish state.

DEBKA-Net-Weekly reported earlier: Hamas gained the upper hand in recent clashes with Palestinian Authority security forces in the Gaza Strip, exhibiting numerical superiority (3:1) and, for the first time, the features of a guerrilla force.

PA rejects Sharon's 'three nos'
"The Zionist retreat from the Gaza Strip won't end the resistance," he said. "The resistance will continue until the expulsion of the occupation from all our lands, including the West Bank, Jerusalem and all of Palestine."
Deal to sell Gush Katif hothouses to PA firm finalized

Following months of uncertainty as to the fate of hundreds of hothouses in Gush Katif, some 200 farmers from several Gaza Strip settlements on Friday signed a $14 million deal that would enable the transfer of hothouses into the hands of a Palestinian Authority company.

The deal - finalized just three days before the evacuation is to take place - was reached with the Economic Cooperation Foundation (ECF), a private foundation dedicated to fostering Israeli-Palestinian economic ties, which raised the money through private donations.

[why private funds? -ed]

Initially, the US government agency, USAID, had negotiated with Gaza farmers, and the two sides had been close to a US$15 million ( 12 million). However, the deal fell through because the Palestinian negotiators opposed the fact that the hothouses would be paid for with government funds.

Officials explained that such an arrangement could have been interpreted as a compensation payment to the settlers with implicit Palestinian blessing.


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