Friday, September 09, 2005


If you haven't noticed my new "Blogrolling - Complete" feature, look over to the sidebar (under the All-Stars) for a complete suggestion list of my blogging buddies (well, I'm their buddy like the math nerd is to the football jocks, but at least the math nerd thinks he's their buddy).

Compiling the list made me go through some great blogs that I haven't visited recently. Here is a good post on gun statistics from Of Arms and the Law:

Economist John Lott calculated the actual number of child gun accidental deaths, and found it was about 30 per year -- lower than the number that die of drowning in buckets.

If about ninety million Americans are in households with guns, and 1.7 million kids are in households with "unsecured" guns (however the study defines that), yet only 30 a year die in accidents .... doesn't it stand to reason that the vast, vast majority of gunowners, and even "unsecured" gun owners, are doing something right? (One useful comparison: lots of houses have "unsecured" chemicals and medicines as well -- and 17,000 people die annually of poisoning accidents). If anything, the figures suggest gun owners display a truly exceptional degree of personal responsibility.


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