Friday, September 16, 2005

VDH: Our Rock of Sisyphus

Victor Davis Hanson's latest is up: Our Rock of Sisyphus. He talks about the status of our post-9/11 world. Here are some good (yet out of context) quotes provided by the master (read it all for context):
Where does the United States stand in its so-called global war against terror, four years after the September 11 attack? The news is both encouraging and depressing all at once.

Hysteria surrounding non-news (like flushed Korans and the Cindy Sheehan carnival) seems to suggest that a non-attentive public is not worried about being gassed or nuked or even terrorists killing thousands of Americans abroad.

While critics screamed hegemony, we withdrew troops from South Korea, Germany, and Saudi Arabia, with promises of more withdrawals to come elsewhere. That prompted reflection on the part of noisy allies who formerly wanted it both ways, and reminded the world we don't enjoy the United States playing global policeman any better than it does.


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