Tuesday, September 13, 2005

On the Burning of Synagogues

Here is the Instapundit's post bringing to our attention the rare Muslim condemnation of the burning of the synagogues in Gaza. They bring a great point that if Israelis would destroy two dozen mosques, can you imagine the riots, rage, political pressure and worldwide protests?

The double standard is really bothering me.


Imagine if Jewish settlers in the Gaza Strip destroyed two dozen mosques. There would be mass rallies in front of Israeli embassies around the world, and in America organizations like CAIR and MPAC would issue righteous condemnations calling on the American government to restrain Israel. However, as we've seen today, when Palestinians streaming into liberated Gaza set fire to synagogues there is deafening silence from most Muslims and certainly from the leadership of the American Muslim community. . . .

The wholesale destruction of the Jewish synagogues is yet another indication that Palestinians of all stripes, whether Fatah secularists or Islamic Hamas types, do not have the political maturity to construct a civil society. However, it is also a sign that Muslims in America lack the conviction of their religion to condemn sacrilege when it is committed by Muslims against others.

Read the whole thing. (Via Zombyboy).

UPDATE: TigerHawk isn't sure if the Palestinian Authority was unable, or unwilling to stop the burning of synagogues, but says it's bad news for the peace process either way. Roger Simon has related thoughts.

Israellycool has more:
If you don't think that the world is hypercritical when it comes to Israel, just imagine the outrage if Israelis started burning down abandoned Mosques. A UN special session would be called in no time; the mainstream media would be carrying the story as their headlines, and the Arabs would be rioting.


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