Thursday, July 13, 2006

WAR - Haifa hit with rockets

Mere Rhetoric is blogging that Haifa was hit with a rocket. His sources are CNN and Israeli news stources.

his updates:
UPDATE: The mayor of Haifa is now on the news, saying that he saw a missile hit the city with his own eyes.

UPDATE 2: Missile attack on Haifa is now 100% confirmed.
Haaretz reports:
Two Hezbollah rockets slammed into the northern port city of Haifa on Thursday evening. The rockets hit the Stella Maris area near French Carmel. There were no reported casualties.
Haaretz flash news:
20:47 Israeli diplomat: Rocket strike on Haifa a `major, major escalation` (Reuters)
20:46 IDF orders all residents of Haifa and the north into bomb shelters (Ch. 10)
20:45 Israeli diplomat in U.S.: Iran, Syria `playing with fire,` will face consequences (Reuters)


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