Thursday, January 25, 2007

Battery Revolution?

A super-quiet company in Texas, EEStor, has for a while now been rumored to have a revolutionary new energy storage technology. They've just come forward for the first time with a few more details, and if their technology works, they will literally flip the energy world on its head. The implications are huge - both for home electricity, for automobile transportation, and our overall dependence on oil. The claims are intense: 10 times the power of a lead-acid battery (like our car battery), at half the cost. That's a pretty tall order to fill. Because they've been quiet about the technology, I am inclined to believe that they have something, but what they have exactly, no one knows just yet.
Technology Review: Battery Breakthrough?

The company boldly claims that its system, a kind of battery-ultracapacitor hybrid based on barium-titanate powders, will dramatically outperform the best lithium-ion batteries on the market in terms of energy density, price, charge time, and safety. Pound for pound, it will also pack 10 times the punch of lead-acid batteries at half the cost and without the need for toxic materials or chemicals, according to the company.


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