Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Got one in Jenin

This is what I like to see. Not the killing, per se, but the Old-School Diplomacy: "You (try to) kill us, we're going to kill you". Plain and simple, and unfortunately, the only language our enemies understand.
Israeli undercover troops kill Jenin-area Islamic Jihad chief
Undercover Border Police troops killed an Islamic Jihad commander in the West Bank town of Jenin on Wednesday, one day after a suicide bombing attempt he allegedly ordered was thwarted in Tel Aviv.

The slain man was identified as Mahmoud Abu Ubayed, 24, commander of Islamic Jihad in areas near Jenin. Witnesses said Abu Ubayed was driving his car near the Yihya Ayyash Square in Jenin when undercover troops in civilian clothing surprised him and sprayed the vehicle with bullets.

Abu Ubayed was also the one who announced that the Islamic Jihad was behind Tuesday's failed suicide bombing attempt in Tel Aviv.


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