Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Remember Those Captured British Sailors?

One of the 15 captured British troops is a young mother. The Sailors have 'confessed' to espionage, and in order for that to happen they must have been tortured in some way. God help those guys (and gal).
From the JunkYardBlog:

Isn't the outpouring of support and outrage at the Iranian kidnapping amazing? The earnest pleas of Amnesty International all over their front page, Human Rights Watch is livid at their illegal detention, and as Ace has already noted, the media is keeping a searchlight trained on this case and putting pressure on Tehran to let them go. Even celebrities are getting in on the act, calling for the sailors to be freed from the mullah's clutches. Particularly gratifying was today's announcement of several major U.S. law firms that they would dispatch top-flight advocates to represent the sailors pro bono in whatever forum they could find.

The "Free the Fifteen!" march in San Francisco this weekend was remarkably well attended, I thought, given the short notice they had. If you missed, well, for those of you in the Berkeley, CA, area, there's a candlelight vigil scheduled for tonight. I hear Joan Baez will be there.

Oh, wait, none of that happened. And none of it is going to happen.

We only do that sort of thing for detained terrorists. When our allies are captured and threatened with capital punishment by a vicious enemy theocracy for whom freedom is anathema and human rights a joke, we just don't seem to care that much.


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