Sunday, April 15, 2007

Other Hot Posts

Up at the top of the sidebar to the left, I have added a new feature called "Other Hot Posts". As some of my faithful readers may have noticed, I have been posting less often than I (and you) would like. So there is a new feature in my RSS reader that allows me to share an item with you with one click. So, for things that don't quite warrant an individual post, but are still pretty cool and you may want to loot at, that widget is now available. Enjoy!

Don't miss the News features in the sidebar as well. They are automatically updated, you you can have one stop shopping at Digital Irony!

Oh! I almost forgot. I am turning my blog into a moneymaker. I have added ads at the bottom of the sidebar (hopefully not too obtrusive), and a search feature. If you click on an ad or a search result, I get a few cents. I am very excited because I have reached $0.87 cents!! Google will cut me a check when I reach $100, so I should realize a return around 2063. No guilt intended, just click away!


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