Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rapid Fire - 4/25/07

The day is short and the work is long. Rapid fire cometh. Thanks to Pajamas Media.
Life Without Cars: “Aren’t cars great?” asks Orson Scott Card. Then he suggests it is time to regroup on the concept. (Ornery American)

Clear Registered Travelers “Fly Through the Airport: Get through airport security faster and with less hassle. Enjoy a more consistent and stress-free airport experience.” [Note: There will be a lot of government paperwork and tests.] (Flyclear)

Build your own news site — Newsvine Relaunches… Announcing Evergreen

Desktop Holographic Video: The MIT Technology Review looks at the prospects for desktop holographic video, ideal for viewing medical images as well as sets of complex, multidimensional data and engineering designs.


What Will al-Qaeda Do Next? Hugh Hewitt looks at possible al-Qaeda plans to mount a major attack on another Western country.


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