Thursday, June 28, 2007

Digital Irony - Shamnesty Edition

If you haven't been following the news on the crazy Shamnesty bill, don't. Wait until they pass it or not. If it gets passed in to law, move up your plans for Aliyah. If it doesn't pass, say thank God the Congress does what the American Public wants them to do. Besides the crazy bill which lets anyone come into this country illegally and then stay legally, it will be the a major blow for the congressional system which is supposed to represent the American public. This bill will be a ploy of technical, procedural maneuverings, and behind the curtain dealings and vote trading. If this bill passes... God help all Americans and those waiting in line to become Americans.

Now for the Digital Irony part. Via the indispensable Michelle Malkin who is following this bill very closely:
In case you didn’t catch this, the opponents of shamnesty are rushing through their statements because the Grand Schemers have only given them 10 minutes to speak. The shamnesty senators will get the rest of the hour to talk. “Typical,” says Session, of the way this debate has gone. And so starkly absurd. You’ve got the pro-amnesty senators on the floor now all bleating about how debate shouldn’t be ended…having just limited their opponents’ time to a measly 10 minutes.
Update: Shamnesty is dead.


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