Monday, September 17, 2007

Dearborn PC Craziness

Pure craziness, or as CJ of LGF calls it "bad craziness" (read his whole post for details, please). I personally am outraged at the dumb, incompetent political correctness which will ultimately presage our downfall. Sometimes, we've just got to call a spade a spade, and call a guy hiding in an urban park dressed in black with his face painted in camouflage, carrying a high power automatic rifle, a terrorist. I'd call him a terrorist if he were Mormon. But he wasn't.

The worst part? The authorities hid the arrest (which occurred Sept 8th) until after Sept 11, so as not to alarm the public, and "stir anti-Muslim sentiments". Uhh, I would have like to have known that there was a loco dude carrying 7.62mm AK-47 20 miles from my house regardless of his religion. In this case it would have helped to understand what his religion was to better assess the danger and threat.

Ace has a great thought on this insanity:

Life imitates dumb movies and TV shows. Whenever there's a city threatened by a volcano or nuclear bomb or crazed serial killer, the Authority Figures decide not to alert the public because they don't want to "start a panic." This despite the fact that an orderly evacuation and/or improved public vigilance could be a pretty good idea. And I always used to think, "How stupid. They just are trying to avoid the expense of showing an evacuation sequence and the even greater expense of having to empty the areas of the city where the story continues, to show that most people have (wisely) gotten out town until the threat is over."

Now I know better. It's real. The Authority Figures really do routinely deny the public relevant information for absurd reasons. Non-Muslim Americans have never in our history engaged in some sort of a pogrom against Muslims, even in the nervous days of tears and rage after 9/11, but our Smart, Tough government-types know we're all just a bunch of Over-Armed Yahoos just jumpin' at the chance to kill some swarthy innocents.


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