Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It's school time in Sderot

I seriously believe that we are in the footsteps of Mashiach, when the world is completely turned upside down. If you don't think that everything is flipped on its head, then you either haven't been reading the news, or have been desensitized.

May God rebuild the Beit Hamikdash speedily and in our day, and return our children to our borders.

From Gateway Pundit:
Palestinian terrorists shot their Qassam rockets into Israel again today as children were making their way to school.
Muqata has the story and sends the video of the attack:


This morning on their way to school, the "Color Red" missile warning system blared, sending children scampering to safety in the school building. The Palestinian Qassam rocket landed only 100 yards from the entrance to the school.
Children scamper for safety in Sderot.
Muqata has video of the attack.

Breitbart.com posted the news of the attack earlier today. The families in Sderot pulled their children out of school following the attacks.


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