Monday, November 19, 2007

Hate Crimes - Jews are 5 times more likely victims

Via LGF via Robert Spencer comes this study that shows that Jews are five times more likely to be victims of hate crimes than the victimized victims of rampant and pervasive Islamophobia. Cue CAIR whining in...3...2...1...

Robert Spencer links to an FBI report on US “hate-motivated crimes” during 2006, showing the truth behind the constant claims of victimhood from Islamic advocacy groups: FBI hate crimes report for 2006: Jews over 5 times more likely to be attacked than Muslims.

Anti-Black 3,136
Anti-Jewish 1,027
Anti-White 1,008
Anti-Male Homosexual 881
Anti-Hispanic 770
Anti-Female Homosexual 192
Anti-Islamic 191


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