Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday Link Latte - with 3 extra shots

Today's link latte is proudly brought to you by Starbucks, who quietly lace their lattes with heroin.
Them's fightin' words

Rafael signs $25m deal with US Navy

A goodwill gesture by the Arabs

How to negotiate, by Abu Mazen. Abbas: No peace without release of all prisoners

A just and lasting peace. Or I'll blow your heads off.

The forgotten hostages [ht: LGF]

From the "To Post" archive. Not quite current, but still worth a perusal:
JoeSettler: Money, Murder, and Mayhem

Geneva Violations Galore - Firing rockets from a Gaza school [Video]

YouTube - Pachelbel guitar

YouTube - Hahaha

Video: Giuliani at the FRC Values Voters Summit - Long, but a good speech by Rudy being real.

Video: How things go in slo-mo

Sha-right: World’s tallest tower will house 1 million people.

Moving On. A real last lecture. Bring a tissue.

Wow. Some sweet spacewalking pictures from a recent mission.

Tel Aviv experiences economic miracle

Peter's Evil Overlord List

Things that make you go hmmm...


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