Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The next battlefront - space

Call Buck Rogers.

Yet this is not farfetched at all, it is a serious threat - especially considering how much we rely on satellites in our daily lives. China blew up one of their own satellites with a missile (for fun?) and satellites are constantly being probed and possibly dazed by ground-based lasers.
Air Force Chief Warns of Attacks on Israeli Satellites

( Air Force Chief Brigadier General Eliezer Shkedi warned Wednesday that the possibility exists that terrorists might take aim at Israeli satellites. "It could be done by a state or a terrorist organization, and I suggest that we don't close our eyes because we're talking about a real battlefield and this could potentially occur," he told the Ilan Ramon International Space Conference.

His comments came less than two weeks after Israel successfully launched a satellite that is circling the globe and is intended to gather intelligence. Brig.-Gen. Shkedi added that he knows of no specific threats of an attack on satellites but that the possibility should be taken seriously.


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