Saturday, February 09, 2008

British hypocrisy called out.

The town of Wesel, Germany in 1945.

From the normally mild-mannered Yael at Aliyah! comes this voracious smackdown on the pure chutzpah and utter hypocrisy of the British Foreign Secretary. If anything, Yael was too nice. I'll let her tell you the whole story:

1% cut in power ’causes humanitarian crisis’, is condemned by UK

The U.K. has stepped up to the plate and roundly condemned Israel for enacting the hideous and incredibly harmful cut of slightly less than 1%– let’s repeat that again just to make sure it actually sinks into my brain– 1% decrease in electricity being sent to Gaza in response to civilians being bombed by more than 50 rockets in a two-day period.

There is no hint that 50 rockets falling on a civilian population in less than 48 hours might constitute a “humanitarian crisis.”

These kinds of acts can’t be considered any kind of crisis much less a humanitarian one. How can they? After all, the victims of the rocket fire and the suicide bombings aren’t human. They’re Jews for g-ds sake. Please, depriving someone of less than 1% of their regularly scheduled electricity is far more harmful than trying to kill a bunch of jewish children and old people.

Perhaps I should remind this nice U.K. Minister of the response his own government made the last time an elected government decided to send some rockets and bombs to the cities in the U.K. –they didn’t deprive the civilians in that other territory of less than 1% of their electricity, oh no. The Brits engaged in a scorched earth policy, bombing the living f**k out of the civilian population from whence those rockets and bombs came. for instance, though not the only one conducted, can anyone say Dresden? Right, the RAF took part in air raids on a civilian city that saw 1,300 heavy bombers drop over 3,900 tons of high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices in under 15 hours, destroying 13 square miles (34 km²) of the city, the baroque capital of the German state of Saxony, and causing a firestorm that consumed the city centre. Estimates of civilian casualties vary greatly, but recent publications place the figure between 24,000 and 40,000. [ed., more Dresden info here: link]


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