Friday, March 07, 2008

Heart-wrenching quote of the day

“God picks the most beautiful flowers for his garden,” said the mother of 16-year-old Avraham David Mozes. “He (God) sees him as an angel, and we should thank him for the privilege of raising him for 16 years. Sixteen years of purity and integrity and kindness.”
From Ynet via Israellycool.

The names and ages of the victims:
  • Yochai Lipschitz, 18, of Jerusalem
  • Yonatan Yitzchak Eldar, 16, of Shiloh
  • Yonadav Chaim Hirschfeld, 19, of Kochav Hashahar
  • Neriah Cohen, 15, of Jerusalem
  • Roey Roth, 18, of Elkana
  • Segev Pniel Avihayil, 15, of Neveh Daniel
  • Avraham David Moses, 16, of Efrat
  • Maharata Trunoch, 26, of Ashdod.


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