Monday, March 03, 2008

S'derot - another must-watch video

Have you seen the one of the little children running for the bomb shelters in kindergarten? Have you seen the one of the children singing at the top of their lungs while they wait for the rockets to rain down? Have you seen the boys playing basketball huddling against a wall because they are too far from a shelter?

Well, now watch this. Watch the children sleeping on mattresses in their hallways. Watch the children running for their lives during recess. Watch the four-year-old screaming desperately for his lost Mommy. See the human side of the daily tragedy in S'derot and now in Ashkelon that those homicidal animals cause.

Thanks to Sderot Media for everything they do. Click here to search Digital Irony for "Sderot" and see how far back this mess goes and how much the people of Sderot have gone through.


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