Wednesday, May 19, 2004 - Top Stories - Randy Johnson Tosses Perfect Game: "Randy Johnson Tosses Perfect Game"

Yay! Way to go Randy!

Monday, May 17, 2004

Yahoo! News - Sarin Nerve Agent Bomb Explodes in Iraq: "Sarin Nerve Agent Bomb Explodes in Iraq "

But Wait!! How is this possible! There are no WMD in Iraq!!

Let's finish this war. Enough's enough. Let's finish it in Iraq, and let's finish it in Israel. Enough's enough.

From LGF Today:

Now's Not the Time for Bush to Go Soft

From time to time Mark Steyn issues a call to the Bush administration to buck up, stop apologizing, say to hell with the bastards, and get on with it: Now’s not the time for Bush to go soft.

The American people, no thanks to their media, still understand what’s real and what’s just cheesy Beltway dinner-theater. That’s why the Abu Ghraib scandal is dead, even if the networks don’t yet know it. It was dead before Nick Berg. It died because the Democrats and their media groupies overplayed their hand, as usual, and so turned a real scandal into just another fake scandal for senatorial windbags to huff and puff over. In the last few days, the Mirror, a raucous Fleet Street tabloid, has published pictures of British troops urinating on Iraqi prisoners, and the Boston Globe, a somnolent New England broadsheet, has published pictures of American troops sexually abusing Iraqi women. In both cases, the pictures turned out to be fake. From a cursory glance at the details in the London snaps and the provenance of the Boston ones, it should have been obvious to editors at both papers that they were almost certainly false.

Yet they published them. Because they wanted them to be true. Because it would bring them a little closer to the head they really want to roll — George W. Bush’s. If you want to see what the Islamists did to Nick Berg or Daniel Pearl or to those guys in Fallujah or even to the victims of Sept. 11, you’ll have to ferret it out on the Internet. The media aren’t interested in showing you images that might rouse the American people to righteous anger, only images that will shame and demoralize them.

Goh Chok Tong, the prime minister of Singapore, was in Washington the other day and summed it up very well: “The key issue is no longer WMD or even the role of the U.N. The central issue is America’s credibility and will to prevail.” In Britain, they used to say that the Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton — i.e., it was thanks to the fierce resolve inculcated by an English education. The war on terror will be lost in the talking shops of Washington — i.e., it will be thanks to the lack of resolve inculcated by excessive exposure to blow-dried pundits and Senate hearings. The war now has two fronts. In Iraq, the glass is half-full. In Washington, it’s half-empty, and draining fast.

The administration, in trying to see its way through both the phony crossfire and the real one, has been rattled by the fake war. Someone in the White House needs seriously to stiffen the Bush rhetoric. When the president talks about “staying the course” and “bringing to justice” the killers, he sounds like Bill Clinton, who pledged to stay the course in Somalia and bring to justice the terrorists, and did neither. Bush has to go back to speaking Rumsfeldian, not Powellite: He has to talk about winning total victory, hunting down the enemy and killing them.

He also needs to promise himself that he’ll never again apologize to some Arab despot — even relatively benign ones, like the king of Jordan — for events in Iraq. If he feels the need to apologize, he should apologize to the American people for apologizing to the Arab world.

Friday, May 07, 2004

From Cox & Forkum Editorial Cartoons:

President Bush's apology for Iraqi prisoner abuse comes admid news of yet another taking of an American hostage, this time by a group called the "Islamic Rage Squadrons."

The first article notes that Bush is trying to counter a "worldwide wave of revulsion" over the prisoner abuse. Charles Johnson notes a disturbing double standard:

Remember that "worldwide wave of revulsion" when a pregnant Israeli mother and her four daughters were murdered in cold blood by Arabs who videotaped the atrocity? Remember the "worldwide wave of revulsion" when four security contractors helping to rebuild Iraq were burned alive, ripped apart, and hung from a bridge by Arabs in Fallujah? Remember the "worldwide wave of revulsion" when an Italian hostage was murdered by Arabs on video? ... You don't?

If our government and media pursued justice against Islamist tyrants and terrorists with the same vigor they display in pursuing our own criminals, perhaps the war could be won.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

From OpinionJournal's Best of the Web:

The Buck Stops on My Speechwriter's Desk

In December, The New Republic's Lawrence Kaplan notes, John Kerry gave a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations in which he "recommended dispatching Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, or former Secretary of State James Baker to Israel as special envoys--a tone-deaf proposal, given Carter's and Baker's reputations as vituperative critics of Israel." Realizing that this is no way to win Jewish votes, at a February meeting with Jewish leaders, Kerry backpedaled in remarkable fashion:

One of the first things Kerry did at the meeting was to blame his aides for the mention of Carter and Baker as possible envoys in his December speech--a claim that several participants double-checked as soon as they walked out the door. The names, Kerry said, had been inserted by mistake, and he had even asked that they be removed. The problem is, in the speech itself, Kerry said, "There are a number of uniquely qualified Americans among whom I would consider appointing, including President Carter. . . . And, I might add, I have had conversations with both President Clinton and President Carter about their willingness to do this." Kerry spokesperson Stephanie Cutter even confirmed to The Boston Globe in December that he had spoken with Carter. Today, the campaign offers this explanation: The candidate eventually did speak with Carter--but only after noticing that a draft of his speech said that he spoke with Carter.

Kaplan wonders "what sort of approach a candidate who, in Israel's case, genuinely has straddled the fence would enshrine in official policy. The answer may lie with the last person who whispers in his ear."

Free-Gas Guzzlers Win 'Duh' Award of Week:

PITTSFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) - You can pump, but you can't hide. Some motorists in Michigan have found out the hard way that you can't just gas and go.

They discovered that because of a computer glitch they could swipe their drivers' licenses instead of credit cards to gas up for free at the pumps outside the (search) chain.

A total of 107 people figured it out, many of them students from nearby colleges in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor.

In some cases people got as many as 15 fill-ups over a three-week period. Meijer got hosed for thousands.

But it turns out the information from each transaction with a drivers' license was stored on a central computer and police are tracking down the culprits.

Israel News : Jerusalem Post Internet Edition: "Official Olympics website doesn't list Israel's capital"

Greek Olympic officials have not listed Jerusalem as Israel's capital city on the official website for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games (

The entry opposite the heading 'capital' is marked with an asterisk figure (*) instead.

A footnote, at the bottom of the webpage, reads: * Please visit the official United Nations website for further information regarding the capital of Israel.

The comment provides a web link to a United Nations fact file on Israel, which also doesn't list the Jewish State as having a Capital, but instead writes: "The position of the United Nations on the question of Jerusalem is contained in General Assembly Resolution 181 (II) of 29 November 1947."

Some months ago, the website had 'Jerusalem' down as the capital of 'Palestine', while Israel's capital slot was left empty. Following complaints lodged by National Union MK Arye Eldad with the Greek Embassy and Foreign Ministry, Israel's capital was entered as 'Tel Aviv', leaving the Palestinian slot blank.

Dude, I'm bored of this stuff. Check out an important news pages from Arutz-7 which chronicles all of the good news in Israel: [scroll to the bottom, click on "Good News".]

From LGF:

The Right Stuff
Salvadoran soldiers praised for Iraq role.

NAJAF, Iraq — One of his friends was dead, 12 others lay wounded and the four soldiers still left standing were surrounded and out of ammunition. So Salvadoran Cpl. Samuel Toloza said a prayer, whipped out his knife and charged the Iraqi gunmen. In one of the only known instances of hand-to-hand combat in the Iraq conflict, Cpl. Toloza stabbed several attackers swarming around a comrade. The stunned assailants backed away momentarily, just as a relief column came to the unit’s rescue.

“We never considered surrender. I was trained to fight until the end,” said the 25-year-old corporal, one of 380 soldiers from El Salvador whose heroism is being cited just as other members of the multinational force in Iraq are facing criticism.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Google IPO - Good, Bad, or Whatever? Google has the best search engine and an amazing array of tools, services, and ad servers. Will they make money in the future? I'm not sure yet. But they sure are now. Surf around Google and check out all the tools, distributed computing and thoughtful ways that they can help out your browsing experience. - Israeli Fighters Hit Targets in South Lebanon: "Israeli warplanes fired missiles at a suspected guerrilla hideout in south Lebanon on Wednesday, shortly after Hezbollah gunners fired on Israeli jets, security officials said."

Don't mess with the big boys. Hizbollah and other Arab "militants" mistake decency and restraint as weakness. They get emboldened and try more audacious attacks when they see the previous responses are mediated. But when Israel really starts to defend itself, or when the US really begins to fight in Iraq, these pipsqueaks taking pot shots at women and her babies will see that there really is strength were there was perceived weakness.

Well, here I am. On the web blogging. Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs is my inspiration. I will try to add my own personal insights to the world, and who knows? Maybe even make it a better place. *snif*