Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Barack Obama is the enemy of Jews and of Israel

Sorry to sound so hateful and virile. I usually save my spite for others, and now I break it out for the man who has finally failed at keeping his hatred for Jews and of Israel a secret. The mask has slipped, B. Hussein. The mask has revealed your ugly side.

Jeffery Goldberg interviewed BO. Read it all for context and the full effect, but here are some choice quotes (including a particularly nasty one at the end):

JEFFREY GOLDBERG: I’m curious to hear you talk about the Zionist idea. Do you believe that it has justice on its side?

BARACK OBAMA: [Blah, blah,blah, DOES NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION] You know, when I think about the Zionist idea, I think about how my feelings about Israel were shaped as a young man -- as a child, in fact. I had a camp counselor when I was in sixth grade who was Jewish-American but who had spent time in Israel, and during the course of this two-week camp he shared with me the idea of returning to a homeland and what that meant for people who had suffered from the Holocaust, and he talked about the idea of preserving a culture when a people had been uprooted with the view of eventually returning home. There was something so powerful and compelling for me, maybe because I was a kid who never entirely felt like he was rooted. That was part of my upbringing, to be traveling and always having a sense of values and culture but wanting a place. So that is my first memory of thinking about Israel.

And then that mixed with a great affinity for the idea of social justice that was embodied in the early Zionist movement and the kibbutz, and the notion that not only do you find a place but you also have this opportunity to start over and to repair the breaches of the past. I found this very appealing. [I like chummus too, Hussein, but do you think ZIONISM IS JUST?!]


One of the things that is frustrating about the recent conversations on Israel is the loss of what I think is the natural affinity between the African-American community and the Jewish community, one that was deeply understood by Jewish and black leaders in the early civil-rights movement but has been estranged for a whole host of reasons that you and I don’t need to elaborate. [Why don't you elaborate Hussein? Or should I ask your spiritual advisor for more information?]

JG: Do you think that justice is still on Israel’s side?

BO: I think that the idea of a secure Jewish state is a fundamentally just idea [uhhh, answer the question Hussein], and a necessary idea, given not only world history but the active existence of anti-Semitism, the potential vulnerability that the Jewish people could still experience. I know that that there are those who would argue that in some ways America has become a safe refuge for the Jewish people, but if you’ve gone through the Holocaust, then that does not offer the same sense of confidence and security as the idea that the Jewish people can take care of themselves no matter what happens. That makes it a fundamentally just idea.

That does not mean that I would agree with every action of the state of Israel, because it’s a government and it has politicians, and as a politician myself I am deeply mindful that we are imperfect creatures and don’t always act with justice uppermost on our minds. But the fundamental premise of Israel and the need to preserve a Jewish state that is secure is, I think, a just idea and one that should be supported here in the United States and around the world.

...When Israel invaded Lebanon two summers ago...

...I said that there’s not a nation-state on Earth that would tolerate having two of its soldiers kidnapped and just let it go. So I welcome the Muslim world’s accurate perception that I am interested in opening up dialogue and interested in moving away from the unilateral policies of George Bush, but nobody should mistake that for a softer stance when it comes to terrorism...[which is it Hussein? Dialogue? Or kicking terrorist butt?]

JG: If you become President, will you denounce settlements publicly?

BO: What I will say is what I’ve said previously. Settlements at this juncture are not helpful. Look, my interest is in solving this problem not only for Israel but for the United States.

JG: Do you think that Israel is a drag on America’s reputation overseas?

BO: No, no, no. But what I think is that this constant wound, that this constant sore, does infect all of our foreign policy.


To tell you the truth, Hussein, I'm surprised you made it this far in the race, given that us Jews control everything. You really hid it well.


There's one more:
I want to solve the problem, and so my job in being a friend to Israel is partly to hold up a mirror and tell the truth and say if Israel is building settlements without any regard to the effects that this has on the peace process, then we’re going to be stuck in the same status quo that we’ve been stuck in for decades now.

The Subprime Mess in 45 easy cartoons

Funny and good explanation of this subprime mortgage mess - in 45 easy cartoon slides.

By the way, I still believe the dollar will go down, even though it is showing strength currently.

Tentacles of Death

Gazan terrorists have killed another Israeli civilian today - this time an elderly woman. The last time the terrorists blew up a 70-year-old woman there was candy and pastries passed out in the streets of Gaza and much celebratory jubilation.

Hashem yikam damah.
PA Terrorists in Gaza Kill Seventy-Year-Old Israeli Woman

by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

( A 70-year-old woman was killed early Monday evening when Palestinian Authority terrorists fired a rocket into the western Negev community she was visiting. Her name has yet to be released.
There was nothing for medics to do but find the woman's son.

The enemy rocket slammed into the residential area of Moshav Yesha, in the Negev's Eshkol region, around 6:00 pm. It landed in close proximity to the victim, killing her almost instantly. She was in the community with her son, visiting a friend. When the Red Alert siren went off, the visitors took refuge in a nearby home, but for a reason that is still not clear, the woman who was killed was standing outside the building when the rocket landed.

A paramedic who was on the scene said that they got ready to move the minute the Red Alert was sounded. Unfortunately, he said, there was nothing for medics to do but find the woman's son in the house and give him the tragic news.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Start Drilling

Via Instapundit, Robert Samuelson suggests rather logically that America should start drilling:
It may surprise Americans to discover that the United States is the third-largest oil producer, behind Saudi Arabia and Russia. We could be producing more, but Congress has put large areas of potential supply off-limits. These include the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and parts of Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. By government estimates, these areas may contain 25 billion to 30 billion barrels of oil (against about 30 billion barrels of proven U.S. reserves today) and 80 trillion cubic feet or more of natural gas (compared with about 200 tcf of proven reserves).

What keeps these areas closed are exaggerated environmental fears, strong prejudice against oil companies and sheer stupidity. Americans favor both "energy independence" and cheap fuel. They deplore imports -- who wants to pay foreigners? -- but oppose more production in the United States. Got it?