Friday, February 25, 2005

Condoleezza Rice's Commanding Clothes

Condi is getting my vote in 2008. Is she running for office? I don't care, I'm voting for her anyways.

Victor Davis Hanson...Rocks

VDH - The king of telling the world what Yishai Mendelsohn feels but can not articulate.

...we should not deprecate the danger of our enemies, who are cruel and ingenious. Moreover, we should never confuse the sharp dissent of the well-meaning critic with disloyalty to the cause.

But nor should we fall into pessimism, when in less than four years we have destroyed the two worst regimes in the Middle East, scattered al Qaeda, avoided another promised 9/11 at home, and sent shock waves of democracy throughout the Arab world — so far at an aggregate cost of less than what was incurred on the first day of this unprovoked war. Car bombs are bad news, but in the shadows is the real story: The terrorists are losing, and radical reform, the likes of which millions have
never seen, is right on the horizon...

Thursday, February 24, 2005

DEBKAfile: "DEBKAfile's Military Sources Report Exclusively: Israel will relinquish Philadelphi Route along Gazan-Egyptian border. Its troops to be withdrawn in six months under protocols Egypt and Israel will sign soon.
Israel's Philadelphi military installations will pass to Palestinians under Moussa Arafat's command. Chief of staff's strenuous objections were one cause of his sacking."

Here is their in-depth article on the topic.

Dude, what's up with that? What are we doing? I can't imagine why we are letting them control the border to Egypt. Doe this jive with my previous explanation of Sharon's master plan? I'm not sure. Ideas anyone?

I'm still working on that quantum paper. It is very interesting. Basically, you can change the behavior of particles just by knowing something. You got that? The fact that you have knowledge of the particle's path, changes its behavior. No touching, messing with, or sneezing on the particle is needed. It somehow 'knows' a whether or not it's path is known by someone, and will consequently behave differently.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

An article from this month's Science is far out, and I will let you know if and when I come around to understanding it. In any case, here is the abstract (note the Israeli First Author!)

Time and the Quantum: Erasing the Past and Impacting the Future
Yakir Aharonov1,2 and M. Suhail Zubairy
The quantum eraser effect of Scully and Dru¨hl dramatically underscores the difference between our classical conceptions of time and how quantum processes can unfold in time. Such eyebrow-raising features of time in quantum mechanics have been labeled ‘‘the fallacy of delayed choice and quantum eraser’’ on the one hand and described ‘‘as one of the most intriguing effects in quantum mechanics’’ on the other. In the present paper, we discuss how the availability or erasure of information generated in the past can affect how we interpret data in the present. The quantum eraser concept has been studied and extended in many different experiments and scenarios, for example, the entanglement quantum eraser, the kaon quantum eraser, and the use of quantum eraser entanglement to improve microscopic resolution.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Dollar falls amid fears central banks diversifying. (Hat tip: Charles Johnsohn via Eric Cartman’s Conscience.)

It appears our friend George Soros is trying to harm the Unites States economy.

Hey George, you got lucky once with the British Pound, but have failed miserably many other times. This will be another failure of yours trying to create chaos and benefit from the aftermath.

Guys, the dollar will fall. The current situation of foreign countries propping up the dollar (purchasing dollars with their home currencies) can not be sustained in the long run. The dollar's intrinsic value is much less that current prices. But there is a finite amount of foreign investment dollars available to keep the dollar's price high. Right now, it is in the interest of Japan, China, and others to have a much stronger dollar than their own currencies (this keeps their exports cheap, and discourages foreign imports, which stimulates their economy. By the way, China's currency is pegged to the US dollar, but to keep it pegged, they need to buy lotsa $$). But in the future (near future, some believe), the costs of propping up the dollar will outweigh the benefits of a cheaper home currency. The dollar will then equalize to normal market conditions (old fashioned Supply and Demand).

The fact that the dollar will fall is known and expected. What can cause the United States some pain would be a dollar crash, where the dollar will fall to rapidly for the economy to adjust, and there may be rampant inflation (prices for goods at home will increase). That is what our friend Soros is trying to do. He is trying to create a panicked sell-off of the dollar to do harm to the United States economy.

Questions anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Monday, February 21, 2005

On the surface, things are looking pretty bleak in Israel. I have been spinning my wheels trying to find a positive spin on the evictions from Gaza; I have come up with this:

Iran, and to a lesser extent Syria, poses an existential threat to Israel. If Iran obtains a nuclear weapon, there is no question they will try to use it on Israel. Heck, they've said so themselves. Syria and their bedfellows Hezbollah have chemical weapons and the delivery methods for attack well within the borders of Israel. Some have put the number of chemical rockets in the thousands. The scary part is that Israel can have the best anti-missile missiles, but what the terrorists lack in technology, they make up in volume.

The paleos (LGF jargon - get with it!) are not an existential threat to Israel. They are a murderous bunch who are threatening our way of life in Israel, and have no compunctions murdering women and children (and men too for that matter).

Perhaps the withdrawal has a strategic value of "redeploying the troops". The thought is that we need to pull our families out of Gaza so that 1) the resources spent on protecting them will be elsewhere, and/or 2) we can seal off the wall in Gaza to more easily and effectively separate the paleos - and fry the bigger fish the the north and west. I believe that Ariel Sharon has put the emphasis on containing or beating up Iran and Syria. To do so requires separation from the painful hornets - they sting but we can spray their nest if necessary. There was a Debka article one year ago saying that Sharon has shifted the focus of the Mossad from being involved in all sorts of worldly activities, to concentrating only on Iran. Can you imagine? Redirecting the legendary Mossad to combat only one country? Evidently Sharon and others feel that the danger from Iran is so great, that if it can not be overcome, the other dangers will not matter.

So, militarily, focus your forces on the fight you must win, and push off the fight you can fight tomorrow.

Maybe I would get more readers if I actually posted some new stuff once in a while. Problem is, you see, I'm too busy reading Charles over at Little Green Footballs to have any time for my own posting.

Anyways, it seems that Charles is finally getting some of the recognition he deserves. He has been doing so much good work bringing new stories to light as well as insightful commentaries to old news.

This latest story of Congressman Maurice Hinchey blaming the evil genius Karl Rove for planting the fake memos on CBS is the latest. An LGF operative (aka a lizardoid minion) recorded the blathering moonbat for all the world to hear (transcript here). This is original stuff that would not have gotten out into the 'mainstream' media otherwise, even though there were other recordings and even video of the exchange.

Kudos Charles, and keep up the good work.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Special guest Safia Taleb al-Souhail (L-Bottom) hugs the mother of a fallen Marine Janet Norwood (C) while first lady Laura Bush (C-Bottom) applauds and William Norwood (Top-R), shakes hands with Marine Staff Sergeant John Manuel Martinez (Top-L) during U.S. President George W. Bush's State of the Union address at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, February 2, 2005. Norwood's son Marine Corps Sergeant Byron Norwood of Pflugerville, Texas was killed during the assault on Fallujah, and he was honored during President Bush's speech. REUTERS/Jason Reed

There was a little 'scuffle', if you will, after the lengthly hug. Janet Norwood was seen later holding a lone dog tag with no chain. I and others think she gave Safia the other one of her son's dog tags and chain.

If your eyes didn't at least mist up during that hug, then you're not human.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

lgf: State of the Union: Topic Two: "State of the Union: Topic Two "

Go there for live blogging on the SOTU.