Thursday, May 19, 2005

Border Watch Near San Diego

The Minuteman project was highly successful in Arizona. Now they're taking their voluntary partrol to the sunny San Diego.

I am very supportive of what they do. They hold suspected illegal immigrants until the border patrol comes and takes them into custody.

What about racism? I will counter that these Minutemen (and women) will hold any race of illegal immigrant crossing the border, not just Hispanics.

What about equal opportunity? It's not their fault they were born into poverty. I would counter that an equal opportunity is present for legal residents of the United States. If you'd like to come, do so legally.

We can not hold the plight of those poor guys coming across the border to work above our own need for safety and security. We do need to help them, but not by opening the floodgates and letting anyone (including really bad guys) in to our country. Lets help them in other ways - outsource maufacturing and textile industry to Mexico. Increase the ease of obtaining work-permits. Do whatever you can to help the people of the world live a better life - but not at the expense of our own safety.

Lastly, if I were a Mexican looking to feed my family, I'd probably jump the border, too.


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