Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina Resouces and News

  • Katrina has weakened to a category 4 hurricane and moved east.

  • The WDSU Katrina blog is reporting damage to the Superdome roof. The National Guard is calling it minor damage, though.
8:08 a.m.: Superdome Roof Damaged
Part of the roof at the New Orleans Superdome is gone. A 3-by-5-foot chunk is missing, and people are being ushered off the field of the stadium. Although the roof has been breached, those inside are remaining calm. A heavy mist is reported inside, and some are now wearing raincoats.
8:46 a.m.: Superdome Damage Considered Minor
The National Guard told reporters at a news conference in Baton Rouge, La., that the holes in the roof at the Superdome are only minor. A representative of the National Guard blamed the strong winds for ripping the fabric, but he said there were no structural problems with the roof, and evacuees in the affected areas were moved.


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