Friday, September 16, 2005

Science Non-Fiction

I think we all need to stop referring to far-out futuristic stories as "Science Fiction". The reason is that their "far-out" stories are increasingly being brought into reality, and their unbelievable imaginations are being discovered as scientific fact. Leaving behind quantum mechanics for the moment (which defies all logic and yet is demonstrably real), here is a report on a parasite worm controlling the behavior of its grasshopper host, 'convincing' the grasshopper to commit suicide on the parasitic worm's behalf (thanks to evariste at discarded lies). Sounds crazy, sort of like Science Fiction, no? Then go to the article and watch a (gross) video to see it for yourself. Mind control, parasitic microbes controlling its hosts. I've read Michael Crichton books that imagined this. It is now real...


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