Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hezbollah Melting into the Civilian Population

Via LGF, AP reveals a striking method of Hezbollah's method of disappearing from the 'battlefield' - "they melt back into the population". I think Charles also didn't mention that Hezbollah is violating the Geneva convention of endagering civilians by hiding among them.

In this reeking pile of propaganda masquerading as a news report, Associated Press writer Hamza Hendawi inadvertently reveals an interesting fact: Lasting quiet returns to south Lebanon.

MARJAYOUN, Lebanon - Hezbollah fighters have vanished in south Lebanon, melting back into the population. Whether peace holds will depend on how they put up with the newest players in their longtime stronghold: the Lebanese army and a beefed-up U.N. peacekeeping force.

Now just a minute. “Melting back into the population?” Isn’t this the same Associated Press who told us that all of the Lebanese casualties were “civilians?” Who never published a single photograph of a Hizballah fighter in action? Who mocked allegations that Hizballah was using the real civilians as human shields? Who screamed non-stop about “disproportionate” action by Israel?

But now Hizballah fighters, who (if you believe the AP) were never there to begin with, have mysteriously “vanished.”

What a joke.


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