Monday, October 22, 2007

Stay out of the stadium!!

Really, never go to the evacuation centers... Ever. It's better to sleep on the beach, or just keep walking. Evacuation centers are a disaster waiting to happen.

Qualcomm refugees swell to 10,000

12:08 p.m. [Mon., 10/22]

Fire evacuees continue to take refuge at Qualcomm Stadium and by 12 noon, the number of people taking at the Mission Valley site had swelled to an estimated 10,000.

Just an hour earlier there the number had been in the hundreds. Some people were double evacuees; having fled Ramona last night for Rancho Bernardo, they then found themselves having to flee again. More than 300 volunteers were assisting people and there was a call for cots, blankets, and food to be dropped off at the stadium.
From September, 2005 (remember?):

Update: Qualcomm was exceptional. No major incidents and everyone was safe.


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