Monday, October 29, 2007


As if you were gonna win anyways. And the last time I checked, Egypt had an airport. A few of them, in fact.
Palestinian soccer team misses World Cup qualifier, blames Israel
By The Associated Press

The Palestinian soccer team said it missed its World Cup qualifying match at Singapore because of Israeli travel restrictions.

The team didn't show for Sunday's game because 18 of its players and officials live in the Gaza Strip, according to Jamal Abu Hasheesh, spokesman for the Palestinian soccer federation.

The Gaza Strip has been under tight control since the Islamic militant Hamas took power by force in June. Last month, Israel declared Gaza hostile territory and said it would only permit humanitarian hardship cases to leave. [ed. - they can leave any time they want. They just have to go into Egypt.]

Abu Hasheesh [what is he smoking?] said the 18 team members didn't receive Israeli permits to leave Gaza for the game. [Hamas and Egypt controls the border crossing into Egypt. Cry to them.]

The federation has asked FIFA to reschedule the match. FIFA officials were not immediately available for comment. [They were too busy having a life.]

Shadi Yassin, a spokesman for the Israeli military's office in charge of coordination with Gaza, said he was looking into the matter [of crybabyism].

[pic from LGF]


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